FARO CAM2 Q *Unlimited PC Cracked Version*

FARO CAM2 Q *Unlimited PC Cracked Version*

The 3D measurement software solution FARO CAM2 Q allows you to complete measurement jobs quickly and gives you the freedom to measure as is required by your application. Experience how the new CAM2 Q 1.5.2 can meet your needs, with e.g.

CAD Capabilities: Just measure your part with an alignment and let the software find the nominal geometries for you.

Measure Quickly: Measurement has never been this quick and easy. Start measuring by simply interacting with your FARO hardware and get real-time feedback of your measurement results.

Align Easily and Reliably: Easily align your measurement device with your part. Define different coordinate systems to report the results the way you need them.

Programming with QuickTools: Measurement of multiple parts can be simplified using QuickTools programming. Develop part programs quickly by recording the steps of the first measurement. Later add pictures to the measurement steps to provide simple graphical instructions for the operators.

Sharing Results: Seeing the results is as important as sharing the results. You can share your reports as PDF, Word or Excel documents or you can export your measurement results to CAD or text files for SPC processing. The power is in your hands with CAM2 Q.

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