ZirkonZahn Software *Dongle emulator (crack)*

کرک ZirkonZahn Software *Dongle emulator (crack)*

ZirkonZahn Software *Dongle emulator (crack)*
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About cracked version Zirkon:

For a generation Enrico Steger has been developing Zirkonzahn as a world leader in basic research and applications for zirconia as a dental restorative.
He has succeeded scientifically, technically and artistically.
Today Zirkonzahn® is a recognized leader in the technology, materials and procedures that have made zirconia a successful regimen. With its headquarters in South-Tyrol (German speaking part of Italy) and subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Spain, Mexico and the US, Zirkonzahn® has established representatives in over 65 countries around the world.

Scan from single dies to full models for easy design of crown and bridge work. Some of the aids available feature automatic margin-recognition and a free-form tool ensuring unlimited creativity. Bridge connectors, cement space and wall thickness can be modified in size or dimension. In addition, manual nesting (milling objects) and pin inter-connection can be carried out manually or via mouse click. Milling strategies can be adapted and calculated either automatically or manually.

Modules included in our solution:

All modules work with our crack.

The software is available in the following languages:
German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Korean, Turkish

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