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نرم افزار شماره فنی و راهنمای تعمیرات شرکت بوش – Bosch Esi Tronic

ورژن : ۲۰۱۶

شامل نقشه های فنی و برقی اکثر خودروهای سبک و سنگین از اوایل دهه ۱۹۶۰ تا ۲۰۱۳ به همراه روشهای پیدا کردن عیب هر خودرو به صورت قدم به قدم و پرسش و پاسخ. دارای نرم افزار محاسب زمان مورد نیاز برای تعمیر و تعویض  تک تک قطعات و سیستمهای هر خودرو، شماره فنی و نحوه وارسی تمام قطعات به کار رفته در هر خودرو، ….

Spare parts catalog Bosch ESI tronic is an extensive catalog of all production of firm Robert Bosch GmbH. Information about auto parts, labor hours, fuel pump alignment of data, programs to work with blocks of diagnostics firm BOSCH, electrical wiring, etc.
The bulk of the information presented on machines since 1971, but something is and on the earlier models. The program is a Bosch ESItronic valuable manual for those who are engaged in repair and supply spare parts for trucks, contains complete information on air, electrical and fuel systems in Europe, and also partially American and Japanese vehicles. Installing the software Bosch ESI tronic simple and does not cause problems. Ability to work directly with the installation DVD or CDs to the hard drive.

BOSCH ESI (tronic):
Section A
Car equipment
Sector B
Standard time
Sector C
Diagnosis of the car and Troubleshooting Guide
Sector TSB
The new media sector TSB:
Quick access to known faults and / m
Faults are divided into groups of system (ABS, airbags motor control …)
Friendly description of the cause of the problem
Approved repair tips
Accompanying illustrations
Sector D
Diesel Parts
Sector E
Full catalog of electrical Bosch
Sector F
Parts Archive
Around 1500 the specifications for an archive of old cars
Sector M
Automotive Mechanics
New in 01.01.2001
Maintenance data, frequency, wheel alignment, tire marks, timing belts: a description of operations for the removal and installation
Sector P
Electrical schematic diagrams of automakers in a single view
More than 60 car manufacturers and 520 model series, 5,000 cars, more than 100,000 units of electric circuits
Fragmentation functions, and print patterns
Sector W
Adjusting the data
Adjustable parameters for 8000-line pumps and 1,400 distribution pumps
Complete the verification process from measuring to print protocol
All validation steps are illustrated in the optimal sequence
Sector ZD
Diesel parts for Zexel
Repair Tools
List of tools for repair of all products and components BOSCH
By sector
Repair manual units (diesel, electricity, starters, alternators)
A, B, D and S set of information from the sector –
CD-A, B, D and S

جهت سفارش این نرم افزار از طریق فرم درخواست و یا تماس اقدام نمایید.


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