۴D Octopus, 4D Explorer, Plant 4D, 4D Mechanical (c) CEA *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro*

کرک ۴D Octopus, 4D Explorer, Plant 4D, 4D Mechanical (c) CEA *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro*

۴D-Explorer offers the user both graphical and alphanumerical interfaces to all engineering and plant life cycle data. In addition, the 4D-Explorer interface allows you the access all other relevant project information. Graphical browsing of plant data is available for any user with or without CAD knowledge or CAD software license.

۴D-Explorer also enables the user to configure components in a tree structure in order to link all plant data, documents, drawings and all other pertinent information.

Finally, 4D-Explorer is based on known and proven Microsoft Technology and because it is intuitive and highly flexible, it eliminates a costly learning curve. Plant-4D and other applications can be launched from the 4D-Explorer interface by a simple mouse click.

Revision management
Revision management keeps track of all changes made during the engineering phase and plant life cycle and provides the user with access to all individual changes and issues. These modifications can be visualized by means of reporting or as drawings. The individual differences between issues can be shown and evaluated. This is on the graphical (component) level as well as at process or geometry data level.

Changing and Viewing options for 2D and 3D models
The 4D-Explorer also provides a change and view technology for 2D schematics and 3D physical Plant models with zoom functionality, which is excellent for walk-throughs.

4D-Explorer offers full reporting capabilities like: Line designation table, i/o count and lists for Valves, Instruments and Equipment. Besides these reports, other user specified reports such as your specific datasheets can be created.

User rights, project specifications
4D-Explorer enables the user to define a structure for user access rights. Rights can be granted for individual applications or even to information (data) fields in the database itself. It prevents data manipulations or mistakes made by unauthorized personnel.
Plant-4D is a unique Data object-oriented Plant Design software tool, which can be operated without being restricted to any particular CAD-platform or Database system. The Plant-4D technology ensures full transparent compatibility between different CAD-platforms, both for drawings and data. For instance it is possible to work on a project in AutoCAD, and continue with the same project in MicroStation, without losing any information or functionality.
The Plant-4D Data object Technology in combination with the use of one single database is the driving force behind the new generation in Plant Design Software.

Besides the flexibility between the different CAD-platforms that is offered by Plant-4D, another advantage is the stability of the software. The &qout;engine&qout; of the software works independently of the CAD-platform. The CAD-platform can be used for what it is intended for, namely drawing. The intelligence and the database run outside the CAD-platform, improving both the stability and the operating speed of the software. The modules are developed in such a way that flexibility for the future is ensured, through the use of the latest programming techniques available.

Plant-4D differentiates itself through its modular design. The user can configure his own Plant Design software tool from the various modules offered. The modules can either be used independently or in conjunction with each other.
Plant-4D modules:
Plant-4D P&ID
Plant-4D Pipe
Plant-4D E&I
Plant-4D Isometrics
CEA Systems introduces the successor of the Central Project Manager: CodeX. Next to having been completely restyled, CodeX also incorporates new functionality such as a new 3D Viewer and other numerous improvements.
CEA Systems introduces the successor of the Central Project Manager: CodeX. Next to having been completely restyled, CodeX also incorporates new functionality such as a new 3D Viewer and other numerous improvements.
For more demonstration movies, we refer you to our Extranet area. You can access the Extranet area by going to our login page.
Core Incorporates:
A broad spectrum of design standards, such as: RTOD, EN13445, ASME etc.
Both design and verification
Computation of minimum wall thickness, which allows you to design with commercial aspects in mind
An easy way of computing alternatives by changing input values
A multilingual interface, which can be extended with new languages on demand
The feedback and suggestions of customers all over the world, for more than two decades
A comprehensive material/flange/pipe/bolting and gasket database which is updated on a regular basis
Extensive training material
– CodeX is supported by comprehensive documentation and training material
– Documentation and training material can be accessed through PDF, on your local machine or through an internet website
CodeX incorporates a state of the art 3D graphic interface, which enables you to inspect every piece of equipment that you construct
Color coded 3D shapes inform you about the validity of a piece of equipment
Nozzle placement on equipment can be modified and viewed in the 3D-interface
Instant access to dimensions by the click of a button
Output to various 3D file formats: DWG, DXF, 3DS, STL, SAT
And 2D formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP
Quick results and a printout which is accepted by any Notified Body
Reports contain intermediate results
Reports are fully customizable
Preventing mistakes by using databases for materials, pipes, flanges, bolting and gaskets
3D graphic display of the total pressure vessel (also nozzle placement on cylinders, heads and cones)
Input and output can be saved on a project (vessel and component) basis

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