Baby Explorer *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro*

کرک Baby Explorer *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro*

Baby Explorer *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro*
۳D Fetal Imaging The Baby Explorer software-only solution allows you to easily and quickly generate fetal images months before the baby is born. With a minimal amount of training, the Technologist can quickly generate an image of the babys facial features and print it to a Microsoft Windows printer. The image can also be saved as a JPEG, BMP, or AVI file.

Key Benefits

* Works with any ultrasound system
* Easy acquisition controls
* 3D segmentation and clipping tools
* Built-in animation and multimedia export capabilities
* Prints to standard printers in variety of formats

Baby Explorer software is a cost effective, software-only solution that enables the technologist to quickly and easily generate 3D fetal views. With its sophisticated volume rendering capabilities, the Baby Explorer software enables the anatomical features of the baby to be seen. Ultrasound 3D neonatal studies are used to ensure the proper growth of the fetus and to investigate cleft palette and other gross abnormalities. The Baby Explorer software runs on standard PC hardware and acquires images from any ultrasound scanner.

Key Features

* Works with any ultrasound system
* Easy acquisition controls
* Multiplanar Reformatting (MPR)
* Opacity rendering
* Gradient shaded rendering
* 3D tissue segmentation and clipping tools
* Animation and multimedia export
* Prints to standard printers
* HTML reporting

Data Management Patient folder data management (i.e., start, open and delete)


* Captures ultrasound images directly from conventional ultrasound systems
* Allows video setting adjustments
* Able to acquire 2D sweeps in either linear or fan motion
* Displays live mode allows previews of the selected sweep
* Able to modify ROI after an acquisition is performed
* Allows the display of the current sweep in the 3D window

۳D Image Review

* Four viewports to display the sweep: 3D surface rendered, axial, coronal, and sagittal
* 3D image manipulation tools (e.g., window, zoom, pan)
* Advanced smoothing algorithm to smooth the surface of the volume on large data sets
* Able to adjust the opacity to cut the noise levels and improve the quality of the rendered volume
* Able to create VOI from clippers to explore the volume
* Front Cut Clippers allows exposure of the structures inside the volume
* Bubble Clippers allows display of the volume contained in the circle clipper
* Segmentation able to remove noise in the volume using a scalpel tool
* Able to adjust the geometry (i.e., change scan types, reverse slide order, change width of the volume)

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