BSI Products: Simian, Skimmer *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro*

کرک BSI Products: Simian, Skimmer *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro*

This intelligent and highly recommended piece of software makes radio automation effortless with store, search and playback control on your audio that can be run by auto pilot, leaving the radio DJs chair vacant
Radio Automation Software doesn&qout;t come much better than Simian. The complete automation and radio playout system from BSI, with advanced capability and a solid reputation for reliability and world-class support.
Simian is very easy to operate. Just record or transfer your music onto a hard drive (250 GB will store 5,500 Linear PCM songs) and Simian&qout;s dynamic database will automatically add the files to its database. Use the easy search and filter options to drill-down to Title, Artist, Album, Year – find songs easily. Simian will run entirely automated (our tests have achieved in excess of 250 days) or as a
live-assist playout system.
Simian uses Microsoft standard audio files (compressed or non-compressed), MP2, MP3 files (via CODEC), and TM Century files. You can even run other programs on the same PC while you&qout;re running Simian.
Supported Audio Files:
Linear PCM (.wav)
Mpeg Layer 2 (may require software codec if not supported by your sound card)
TM Century (.tmc)
Microsoft ADPCM
System Requirements:
INTEL Pentium 450Mhz
256 MB RAM memory
10mb available drive space for program installation
PC Audio Card
Microsoft Windows 98 SE, 2000 Pro, XP
PC mouse
Plays multiple audio files
Integrated voice-track editor – voice track files will duck the songs
Automatic SayTime and Temperature – can use different voices at different times
Optional Song-Intro protection – have your liners & segues automatically positioned so that they don&qout;t crash the vocals!
Dynamic HTML generation with built-in FTP client
Windows Media Scripting Support
RDS (RBDS) Track and Title export
Background Recording, with the ability to play back while still recording!
Pitch Shift or Time Stretch & Squeeze without changing the pitch (using TSX)
Interfaces with third-party trigger and relay units
Controls Broadcast Tools audio routers
Optional Touch Screen, or use with a standard Keyboard & Mouse
Comprehensive Macro command language
Imports Traffic & Music Logs and can also merge logs chronologically


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