CNC-3D Turning, WireCut CAD/CAM-system (c) STA GmbH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

کرک CNC-3D Turning, WireCut CAD/CAM-system (c) STA GmbH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

CNC-3D Turning, WireCut CAD/CAM-system (c) STA GmbH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*
Our NC-simulation CNC-3D Turning for lathes with complex multi-axis milling and turning operations provides:

* a complete NC-program analysis,
* exact 3D-collision detection,
* dynamic material removal verification,
* secure and optimal NC-programming.

All 3D-machine components can be configured by the user to ensure close to reality machine simulation.
Target group

* NC-Machine Tool Builder of all metal-cutting technologies
* NC-Controller Maker for integration into their controls
* CAD/CAM-System-supplier and -user


* Realistic 3D-representation of the machine tool workspace
* Exact 3D-collision detection
* Dynamic 3D-visualization of cutting process
* Detection of incorrect machine setup data and tool paths
* Optimization of NC-programs


* Avoidance of tool crashes and machine damages
* Reduction of setup and prove-out time for NC-programs
* Reduction of processing time of NC-programs
* Optimization of technological parameters

Fields of application

* NC-controls: reduction of the NC-program setup and minimization of the total process time
* CAD/CAM-systems: verification of the generated tool paths
* Education: visualization and simulation of NC-program processing

System features

* Realistic 3D machine tool model
The open 3D interface enables you to replicate all machine components close to reality. Geometries defined via external CAD programs can be imported.
* Accurate 3D collision detection
The used algorithms allow fast and precise collision detection for arbitrary moving and variable objects, considering all machine components. Collision with neighboring tools during tool change, but also time-critical collisions for two-turret-machines, are reliably detected.
* Windows user interface
The graphical windows user interface in compliance with common software standards guarantees easy and intuitive operation.
* Support of graphic standard OpenGL
By supporting the graphic standard OpenGL you profit directly from modern 3D acceleration cards.
WireCut.The programmed wire cutting toolpaths are two-dimensional curves in parallel planes; however extremely complex three-dimensional work-piece geometries are machined WireCut is the name of the cutting simulation software of STA Softwareentwicklung f?r Technische Anwendungen GmbH in Berlin. It enables the graphic dynamic simulation of cutting operations. Graphic in the sense of being visualized as a three dimensional animation, dynamic in the sense of the machining progress on the workpiece being continuously calculated and visualized.

By shifting and rotating the workpiece it is possible to view it from various perspectives during the simulation; by using dynamic zooming it is possible to study critical details. The user has the option to view the workpiece machining either as a solid model or as sections of equidistant levels.
The cutting simulation of the Basic version supports the 2 axis machining. During the simulation the compensation of the program toolpath of the wire and the standard conic are being considered. Critical travel paths such as reverse movements and dove tails can be easily recognized through the continuous visualization. The user has the option of the two-dimensional view with the representation of the programmed toolpath, the corresponding cutter radius compensation toolpath, and in case standard conic has been selected even of the derived path. wire1.jpg (45074 Byte)

The cutting simulation of the Pro version supports 4 axis machining. Both planes consider the compensation of the program toolpath of the wire during the simulation. In the two-dimensional view the programmed toolpath as well as the corresponding compensated travel paths are being represented. To improve the control it is possible to switch off non-relevant travel paths for the analysis.

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