ColorPrint PS 2.0 *Unlimited Computers Dongle Emulator for Rockey 2 Dongle*

کرک ColorPrint PS 2.0 *Unlimited Computers Dongle Emulator for Rockey 2 Dongle*

ColorPrint PS 2.0 *Unlimited Computers Dongle Emulator for Rockey 2 Dongle*
ColorPrint is a job oriented Server RIP-solution for general printing of wide format inkjet prints. There are many strong points in ColorPrint that gives you good printed color, productivity, print quality, good printer driver, and production oriented features.

The following are some of the feature highlights of these strong points :

ColorPrint’s Integrated ICC color management workflow

Smooth gradient printing no matter how big is your enlargement. ColorPrint’s proprietary Gradient smoothing technology will enhance Postscript gradients no matter how big your prints are scaled up.

Processing long PS files is more stable in ColorPrint with efficient use of memory.

Accurate, vibrant and saturated colors for posters and outdoor signs. Better saturated Red and bigger color gamut results in more vibrant and brilliant prints.

Fast image file RIP speed – ColorPrint’s RIP speed is faster then the competition on large image files such as Tiff and Jpg.

RIP and Print at the same time. In general printing starts within 5 to 10 secs when the print button is clicked

Powerful and yet simple Nesting job features (manual or automatic) – No other RIP has nesting feature so easy to use and flexible

Improved and better job queue management user interface – Simple Queue list with customizable details of column information. Each column field can be customized or reordered by simple click and drag

Unlimited user defined printer setups for your typical printing conditions

Enhanced Halftone to reduce banding and improved print quality.

Easy to learn and use full featured RIP software

Job management workflow – Main window manage, edit, preview, add, and print jobs in one simple window.

Printer Queue Preview – The entire print queue is graphically previewed, so you know how jobs will be printed at any moment

Streamlined job control.

Better Job control with better Job properties options and preview – Any operation whether it is in the queue or in job manipulations in job properties ColorPrint will always give you an exact preview of how it will be printed.

Developed from the ground up with no legacy code, outdated RIP technology, interface and workflow. ColorPrint uses the latest Microsoft software development tools and imaging technologies that are available today

Powerful and flexible Tiling function, user can select the tile direction, and Print Tile Map and the overlap line and Sew line will help to assemble.

Direct JOB add and PRINT

Robust and well tested quality software – Software is developed and tested using the most advanced tools and testing environments. ColorPrint has been used by the most demanding users since 2002.

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