Domus 3D 5.5, 6.0 (c) Maticad s.r.l. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Eutron SmartKey*

کرک Domus 3D 5.5, 6.0 (c) Maticad s.r.l. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Eutron SmartKey*

Domus 3D 5.5, 6.0 (c) Maticad s.r.l. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Eutron SmartKey*
What&qout;s new in DomuS3D 2010


It has a new graphic engine that allows to achieve excellent photo-realism level usually prerogative of specific professional software programs like 3DStudio. In this way its possible to better appreciate details such as borders and surface finishing of the material.

3D direct designing within the navigation window; automatic creation of tile mats, with drag&drop of the subtended area, automatic building of shower corners, automatic insertion (1 click-bath) of sanitaryware collections (automatic positioning of matching washbasin, WC and bidet).

It is possible to use libraries of components furnishings (kitchens, bathroom units) made available by Maticad in cooperation with some Italian Ceramic Companies. This module includes the most typical modular furnishings management functions such as automatic hooking, automatic calculation of linear elements (wainscots, tops, etc), change of finishing (unit doors, handles, etc.)

A new (optional) plug-in module is now available, to integrate DomuS3D with the well-known Autodesk rendering software, nowadays in almost all Architect and Designer offices. The plug-in allows to load in D3Studio-Max (version 9 and 10), projects made with DomuS3D, keeping the information about laying and furnishings, complete of materials.

The Stand-alone version allows now to choose if using the application database for the storage of single projects, or if disengaging them through a management of single external files, that the user could name/save as he wants. According to Windows consolidated standards, with the program closed, by double-clicking on a project, will start the program and load the project itself.

It is possible to navigates rooms, in addition to the mouse, with a new hardware device called Space navigator. It is a 3D joystick that allows fluent movements in the space, leaving the mouse free so that it can be used to modify/work on the project.


It is an (optional) module that allows the integration with bar codes readers to make selections in the show room, and than proceed with the project with the selected items only, as well as to directly print specification sheets, orders and transport documents.

New management interface of the project estimate, with a structure similar to the Excel one that allows to modify the estimate data in easy and immediate way.
Tile series quick change: while navigating it is possible to directly change a series in the project with another one having compatible formats. This function is useful in order to quickly show to the client, different solutions.

Possibility to use in the project the sun light and new cylindrical, spherical, rectangular and round light sources.

The direct tiling in the Navigation window has been empowered, with new functions for the detailed management of the panel. Its allowed the more complex laying (through automatic laying schemes) for the direct floor tiling.

It ispossible to use up to 10 internal price lists, to manage estimates in more and more flexible and customized way. Further on the pallet number management has been inserted.
Company Multi-logo: it is now possible to customize printouts choosing among different logos and different Company names.

Layout loading: CAD layouts that, typically, come from architects and designers, can be now downloaded directly within the Layout window, without passing through the MCAD module anymore.

The procedure to cover special surfaces has been simplified (typically show-panels, steps, tops, shower-tray corners, vertical tiling, …).

– Object double-click: by double-clicking on an object it is now possible to open its property box. If double-clicking is made on a wall, it allows opening the related covering modification window.
– Modify Tiling window: adjustment with pan and zoom functions like in the layout. The possibility to go directly form a wall to the adjacent ones has been introduced. Possibility to give an arbitrary name to the wall. The possibility to trace lines and rectangles for the printout customization and the creation of print models has been introduced.
– Components tree: possibility to configure the consultation of the tree, being able to choose in the priority scale of the selection if displaying for first the Manufacturer information, or the series or the format or the typology.
– Furnishing elements: a new typology of lamps complete with light source already prepared to correctly work with the new rendering motor has been introduced.
– Project selection: New selection method of the projects from database, with a series of controls for the selection of the customer, of description etc., simpler and quicker. Further more, a project preview image is available in the selection phase.

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