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GBIS is comprised of four modules;



The CORE module is fundamental to the GBIS application. It provides all the tools required to build a robust yet flexible data management system.

Data collection, validation, browsing and reporting functions can all be tailored to meet the requirements of any individual or group within an organisation.

Key features of the CORE module include:

* Data views and queries
* Connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Oracle allows all corporate data to be integrated
* Customised individual or group profiles ensure that users only see the tools and reports that are most relevant to their work
* Sophisticated graphic report generator
* Flexible import and export tools facilitate the conversion, validation and repair of data from disparate sources
* Feature-rich data entry screens with extended support for bar code scanners
* Fully configurable data validation procedures
* Macro builder for automating routine tasks

GBIS is distinguished from other data management solutions because it is highly configurable. It features Graphic Reporter, a powerful report generator which allows the geologist to not only view and print a report in a familiar format (e.g. downhole strip log) but also to browse the database using the same graphical format. This means that users can navigate from one hole to the next and see a live, current view of the data in a predefined graphical format, complete with legends, graphs etc.

The Professional module provides extended functionality designed specifically for exploration and mining. It includes specialised utilities for displaying and managing drillhole data.

Key features of the PROFESSIONAL module include:

* Management of tenement, drillhole and other exploration data on a project basis
* Specialised drillhole utilities ensure accurate desurveying, correlating and compositing of downhole data
* Unique graphical editing tool for adjusting depth intervals based on reference data such as geophysical logs
* Plan view interface to visually build drillhole lists for use in reporting and other processes
* Built-in coordinate transformations to deal with survey data in multiple coordinate systems. This allows the user to do on the fly datum conversions during the Plan view display
* Import geophysical files


The Coal module offers functionality aimed at dealing more effectively with the added complexity of coal data.

Key features of the COAL module include:

* Provision for fractional and cumulative washability data at multiple size fractions
* Routines to compile a standardised wash matrix by interpolating values from disparate washability data sets
* Basic compositing tools with the option to view wash curves
* Ability to calculate and export wash tables


The Sample Tracker module stores and manages data that relates to the collection, preparation and analysis of samples.

Key features of the SAMPLE TRACKER module include:

* Ability to customise procedures for individual laboratories
* Perform full reconciliation of despatch vs. receipt which allows full verification that information is as requested, and if not, ascertain whether data is still acceptable
* Handling of quality control samples submitted by the client or introduced by the laboratory
* In-line quality control procedures to allow early rejection of suspect data. Using Shewhart charts and scatter plots, users can reject a consignment before committing the data to the database
* Extensive reporting in HTML format
* QA/QC Reporting

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