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HydraCAD-R is a complete solution specifically created for the residential fire sprinkler market. It can be used to design, hydraulically analyze, material list and price residential sprinkler systems. HydraCAD-R represents the application of 40 years of experience in the development of software for the fire sprinkler industry.

Instead of using dozens (or hundreds) of generic drafting commands, HydraCAD-R provides virtually all of the tools necessary to design residential sprinkler systems. HydraCAD-R allows you to design with fewer than a dozen powerful commands.

HydraCAD-R comes in two flavors:

HydraCAD-R OEM. This standalone version does not require AutoCAD but instead includes all the AutoCAD commands and tools that you will need for a residential sprinkler system. HydraCAD-R OEM can read and create DWG files that are fully AutoCAD DWG compatible. You get AutoCAD&qout;s reliability and power without all the extra commands.

HydraCAD-R for AutoCAD. This version acts as an add-on to AutoCAD in a manner similar to HydraCAD. AutoCAD 2007 thru AutoCAD 2011 are supported.

Either way, you will be using popular, trusted AutoCAD as the background for HydraCAD-R.



* Complete library of residential sprinklers – including cut sheets for every head
* Sprinkler selection based on spacing and flow requirements
* Can be used to design NFPA 13D, NFPA 13R and NFPA 13 residential systems
* Supports design of multi-purpose systems
* AutoCAD based tools to import or underlay virtually any floor plan – DWG, DGN, JPG, DWF, *PDF, etc
* Special layout tools for simplified graphical placement of sprinklers
* Support for all listed residential pipe and tubing types – Copper, CPVC, Steel, PEX
* Support for all major manufacturers of specialized fitting connection methods – Rehau, Uponor, Viega
* Easy to use pipe layout tool with automatic connections to sprinklers
* Simplified multi-story piping connections
* Automated sprinkler legend and title block completion
* Automated drawing clean up tools for submittals

Hydraulic Analysis:

* Totally automated hydraulic calculations – single head, two head and multi-head
* Can be used to calculate 13D, 13R and 13 residential systems
* Automatic determination of hydraulically remote condition – no guess work!
* Supports mixed pipe designs
* Support for all listed residential pipe and tubing types – Copper, CPVC, Steel, PEX
* Support for all major manufacturers of specialized fitting connection methods – Rehau, Uponor, Viega
* Complete hydraulics in NFPA standard format
* Support for all kinds of water supplies – domestic, dedicated pump and tank, mixed water sources
* Support for friction loss curves for variable and fixed loss devices such as backflows and meters

Material Listing:

* Single button complete material list comprised of all designed components
* Includes extensive library of standard pipe, fitting and sprinkler material for multiple manufacturers
* Materials library is customizable for multiple manufacturer product lines
* Pricing can be updated easily with automated tools or done manually, item by item
* Pricing can be read from HydraBID or HydraLIST
* Specialty items can be &qout;picked off&qout; from a catalog-like selection tool
* Materials library is Microsoft Excel based for easy customization
* Summary reports supplied for many manufacturers in their preferred format
* Material reports are customizable by user

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