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NIKSUNs PhoneSweep is a tested and trusted commercial security audit tool that surveys your telephone system for modems, faxes and other devices that let telephone lines serve as an entry point into your network. It&qout;s an invaluable aid to managing the necessary uses and detecting and shutting down unauthorized (rogue) modems before they can be exploited by attackers.

Security is all about vigilance. Establishing a vigilant security policy involves proactive searching out and closing of the security holes that exist in the network. While firewalls, IDSs and various security monitoring tools are commonly used by organizations to counter Internet security risks, threats that bypass these defenses by using telephone lines are often neglected. A security breach via a rogue modem can cost a company just as much in lost assets, leaked information, stolen intellectual property, and embarrassing press coverage as any other successful attack. Threats for existing modems can be mitigated by putting a strong security audit policy in place that includes auditing for unsecured modems.

PhoneSweep is a robust multiline scanner that scales to meet specific requirements. It classifies answering devices as Phones, Faxes or Modems and identifies over 470 types of system. The scans can be conducted in Connect, Identify or Penetrate modes depending on your security needs and the time available. Penetrate mode the most aggressive, using brute-force username/password attacks against identified modems.

NIKSUNs patented Single Call Detect feature improves the speed and accuracy of telephone scanning by evaluating the result of each call as it is made and modifying its behavior to eliminate the need for a second call to the device. Single Call Detect is available on a list of supported modems. PhoneSweep minimizes inconvenience to users by specifying the times at which calls should be made. Customizable reporting capabilities assist in highlighting problems, vulnerabilities and anomalies in the network.

PhoneSweep Gold can be used by organizations that need to run scans remotely. It also includes email notification, distributed operation and merged reporting features many large organizations find useful.

Designed to be easy to use, flexible, and powerful, PhoneSweep provides the following benefits

* Robust multi-line scanner which scales to meet your specific requirements
* Identifies computers running remote-access software to bypass the corporate firewall
* Identifies over 470 systems
* Identifies approved or unapproved modems that accept incoming calls
* Identifies critical backup modems that have failed
* Operates in the mode that you select
o Connect – Quickly scanning all numbers using patented Single Call Detect
o Identify – Refine your scan and identify numbers that yielded a modem connection
o Penetrate – Perform brute-force username/password guessing against identified modems
* Uses a unique, patented Single Call Detect technology to improve the speed and accuracy of scanning
* Contains versatile username and password checking functionality
* A solidly engineered device providing for stops, starts, and system recovery mid-scan
* Customizable reporting functionality

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